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ozbargain how to use for members

Frequently Asked Questions. Consult our FAQs for queries relating to your Velocity membership including account maintenance, earning and redeeming Velocity Points, status, member benefits, partners and … ... More

how to show gods love to others

... More

how to use the word vicariously

The use of the word empathy versus the use of the word sympathy has been a cause of mistake for several speakers of the language. This article tries to explain the meaning of these words and helps you understand how to use the words properly. ... More

how to wear a jumpsuit casually

12/12/2015 · Here are 20 style tips on how to wear jumpsuits this winter, 13. Jumpsuits can be casual too! A denim jacket and sneakers make this work for every day. Source . 14. Add a long gold necklace for instant glamour. Source . 15. Give your jumpsuit some serious boho vibes with a long cardigan. Source . 16. Or add ankle boots and a floppy hat. If your jumpsuit is low-cut, a cool … ... More

how to use lynis in kali linux

How to Encrypt/Decrypt a File in Linux using gpg Let’s say you have file name important.txt and it contains some classified information or some secret stuff which you wanna hide. This ‘important.txt’ file contains a text “Top_Secret” or something totally depends on your work, let’s say it’s a password. ... More

how to stop marquee after seconds

After several unsuccessful searches and attempts to fix the problem using standard and advanced settings, I finally came across a registry key setting that seems to be required to allow changes to the timeout on the lock screen that puts the screen to sleep after 1 minute. ... More

how to stop a drain smelling

To keep sewer odors from coming back, consider adding preventative drain maintenance to your cleaning checklist. Regularly cleaning out your drains can prevent biofilm from building up in the pipes. ... More

how to train a dragon sheet set

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Sheet Set - Twin (Reversible Pillowcase) Dragon Rider Dragon 2 Night Fury Dragon Party Disney And More Twin Sheet Sets Httyd Hiccup How To Train Your Dragon … ... More

how to sell a lot on ebay

I once read in some book (I think it was 1000 eBay Success Secrets) that you should never sell in lots what you can sell individually. I don't still have that book for reference, but I think the logic was that you will always make more money selling each item individually than you would putting everything together in one "Lot" auction. ... More

how to talk dirty to your girlfriend over text

Do not instantly move to talking dirty with her. It might be more harmful than fruitful. It might cause her to feel dejected and reject your approach to turn her on. Take things accordingly, not like the way I am forbidding you to. ... More

how to use sdk manager

To open the SDK Manager from Android Studio, click Tools > SDK Manager or click SDK Manager in the toolbar. If you're not using Android Studio, you can download tools using ... More

how to use cough drops during sex

VapoDrops Menthol (for use inside the mouth) is used to treat minor sore throat pain, or mouth irritation caused by a canker sore. VapoDrops Menthol may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. ... More

how to stop itching from fire ant bites

About Fire Ant Bites – Though often referred to as fire ant bites, the burning, itchy blisters left by this tiny insect are actually stings. These bitty insects are quite stealthy, crawling undetected beneath the shirts and pant legs of unsuspecting victims for up to ten seconds before unleashing their fury. ... More

twitch how to see twitch emotes

Twitch is also planning to raise money for the Human Rights Campaign. It is going to sell T-shirts with the emote logos, and the total profits — which amounts to $7 per tee — will go to the HRC. ... More

how to use escrow alpha bay

1/08/2016 · The real estate agent typically names the escrow company you should use in the purchase agreement. Find your purchase agreement and read it to find the name of the escrow company you should use. If you are using an agent to buy or sell a home, then the agent should handle setting up the escrow account. ... More

how to sell my first wordpress website

This is my first time admitting I have “sold my soul” and this article truly is perfect in the sense of responding the question of, what exactly is, “selling your sou!l” Sometimes it is the people you least expect to be the Satan’s followers but I know what I bargained… I work hard but Im also blessed in every way… No need to elaborate. ... More

how to use vlcc facial kit

Skin Brightening Haldi & Chandan Facial Kit ₹200: 1 kit: Skin Purifying Double Power Double Neem Facial Kit ₹200: 1 kit: Natural Fairness Chandan & Kesar Facial Kit ... More

viral video how to use for marketing

Booktopia has The New Rules of Marketing and PR, How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, Newsjacking, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott. Buy a discounted Paperback of The New Rules of Marketing and PR online from Australia's leading online bookstore. ... More

how to wear a beret with bangs

17/10/2008 · Best Answer: It's a stretch, but it's always cool to be unique. Try fitting the beret as far back on your head, so that the base of the beret fits nicely over the back of your head. ... More

how to wear bb cream

29/04/2011 · Best Answer: I don't think that would be a good idea. Like what one answerer said, BB cream is like a cosmetic product, even though it does help you fight acne. I don't think it is meant to be left on overnight like a mask or any other skin products. If you want to fight acne, then I … ... More

how to train a peregrine falcon

There are two kinds of falcon birds used for hunting in the UAE, the Saqr Falcon and the Peregrine Falcon. The female birds are used in the desert for "hawking"- the hunting of small prey. Training … ... More

how to work out nearest 100

Percent means per hundred. (Think cent as in century). So 1 percent is the same as 1 divided by 100. To find 1 percent of a number, simply multiply the percentage by that number. ... More

how to start a ratioale

If you're starting to see the other side or you had some of your facts about a topic wrong, it's okay to concede and consider that other point of view for a little while. This is especially true ... More

how to use twitter data

You can just go ahead and make the dataset yourself. Use the twitter stream API and collect the tweets ( if tweets is what you want) . A few days of collection would be enough to do some stuff with. ... More

how to travel from danang to hue

25/12/2018 · Re: Avoid travelling from Da Nang to Hue by car 14 Mar 2015, 10:07 PM If you imagine being in the UK, and travelling on the main busy city roads on a grey day. ... More

how to set up a will and trust

27/09/2018 Research possible candidates. Setting up a trust can be a complex task and an attorney should be hired if you have the means to do so. If you are going to hire an attorney, ask friends and family for recommendations first. ... More

how to see the great migration

Following the Migration Path. Rather than a singular occurrence, it helps to think of the Great Migration as an ongoing, circuitous event that is governed by the seasons and the availability of food. ... More

how to use fusaion 360

Getting Started With Autodesk Fusion 360: Recently, I've been playing with Autodesk Fusion 360 to design some 3D parts. Following Autodesk's step-by-step guide, I will design a light lamp. This is part 1 of a 3 part series where I design the base of the lamp. The next two parts will be a... ... More

how to tell height of child

If your child makes riding a scooter his hobby, you should choose among advanced models with a stable and maneuverable platform. Choosing a kick scooter according to the height of your child It is important that your child has taken the right position on the scooter. ... More

how to see if international roaming is turned on

To learn how to turn on roaming see How do I get my World device ready to use outside the US? Is there a plan specifically for traveling in Mexico or Canada? Yes, you can add the Mexico and Canada Plan to your existing plan, or add TravelPass for $5/day ... More

blender how to use different texture files

18/05/2015 · Y'know how when game makers are using 3d models, they have these sheets of textures that fit perfectly on the model? How do I convert the surface of a 3d model into a pattern that I can use when drawing the textures, so I know where to put everything? ... More

how to make a ghost costume stay in place

You searched for: stay puft costume! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Lets get started! ... More

how to use f.lux

I agree with Jojo. When I tried F.lux some time back I couldn't stand the reddish hue. Also, I prefer portable software whenever I can get it but F.lux doesn't have a portable version. ... More

ios sketches pro how to use

Tayasui Sketches Pro app for iPhone/iPad. Share with friends ... More

how to solve reaction energy diagrams questions in owl assignments

where E represents the enzyme catalyzing the reaction, S the substrate, the substance being changed, and P the product of the reaction. Energy Levels Chemists have known for almost a century that for most chemical reactions to proceed, some form of energy is needed. They have termed this quantity of energy, "the energy of activation." It is the magnitude of the activation energy which ... More

how to teach aboriginal art and colours

Aborigines were resourceful people who extracted a variety of colours from their natural environment. They obtained red, dark purple, brown and orange from grinding ochre to a powder. ... More

windows 10 how to stop defrag on startup

8/09/2015 · Boot and/or offline defragmentation in Windows 10 After upgrading my Dell Inspiron 580 desktop PC to Windows 10, I noticed that my system had 4 fragmented system files: the 8.00GB pagefile.sys has 44 fragments; the 5.90GB hiberfil.sys has 6 fragments; the 1.00 MB thumbcache_32.db and the 1.00 MB iconcache_32.db both have 2 fragments. ... More

how to use wet wipes on face

Instead of baby wipes, try to use cleansing wipes if you can, they are meant for facial skin and are more gentle. They often say not to rinse, but it seems like my skin feels better when I just pat my face with a washcloth. My favorite cleansing wipes are the Yes To Cucumbers ones, those are some kind of … ... More

how to stop female cat from peeing everywhere

29/05/2007 The cat will always go pee/poop where there is a dirt, or sand.. and stuff. The cat will refuse to go in the little box if it is too dirty or too much pee or poop in it. ... More

how to use nescafe dolce gusto genio 2

If you want a smaller machine that really punches above its weight when it comes to making great coffee, choose the automatic Genio 2. Smart, sleek, and uncompromising on performance, they give you great results from that first coffee of the day to after-dinner drinks at night. ... More

how to tell when marijuana is ready to flower

How To Tell If Your Cannabis Plant Is Female. Primordial female floral structures are much easier to recognize. They dont look like structures that could produce new leaves, like male early flowers ... More

how to use ai on beamng

Download this MQ-8B Fire Scout Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics. ... More

how to write a scientific grant proposal

concise instructions, this book demystifies grant proposal writing, from the initial development phase, to the writing and submissions phase, to the grant award phase, to the final delivery of ... More

how to tell if still growing

How to Know When Potatoes Go Bad. How to Know When Potatoes Go Bad By Brynne Chandler Potatoes growing sprouts on a wooden table. Choose the Freshest Potatoes . The fresher your potatoes are when you bring them home, the longer they will last. The color of the skin makes no difference as to safe storage, but the type of potato does. New potatoes of all colors are simply potatoes harvested ... More

how to sell your product effectively

To practice this skill, list your product's features, potential benefits, and all information up front for your customers. Consider how you can communicate the potential benefits, for example: Consider how you can communicate the potential benefits, for example: ... More

how to speak dragonese epub

Como Hablar Dragones How To Speak Dragonese Spanish Edition Epub Book Como Hablar Dragones How To Speak Dragonese Spanish Edition Como Hablar Dragones How To Speak Dragonese Spanish Edition Currently Available At Wwwthecragstationcouk For Review Only If You Need Complete Find Helpful Customer Reviews And Review Ratings For Como Hablar Dragones How To Speak Dragonese … ... More

how to see how much your property is worth

If youre thinking about prepping your home for sale in San Diego, CA or have already decided to sell its important to have a good sense of what your home is worth in todays market. ... More

how to fix if dont work iphone in dfu mode

... More

how to train hebe wiri joy to standard shrub

The victim's over-the-road truck was struck by a freight train where the mine haulage road and tracks intersected in the plant area. It was recommended that the roadway be widened through the 90 degree turn north of the "number one crossing". ... More

how to stop mold from growing

WonderHowTo Food Hacks #11. Use Oil to Prevent Molding. If you want to forgo the plastic altogether, you can rub the cut faces of the cheese with a light coat of olive, canola or another vegetable oil, then store in an airtight container in the fridge. If any mold starts to grow, it will be on the oil, not the cheese itself. Then, you can just wipe it off with a paper towel and rinse under ... More

how to design a clinical research study

Design and critical discussion/justification of a clinical research study using a scenario selected by negotiation with the Subject Co-ordinators (equivalent to 2000 words) due 2 weeks after completion of intensive teaching period (40%) ... More

how to use dell d620 touchpad

In general use the touchpad becomes intermittingly laggy with the mouse pointer pausing to change shape (2 black arrows,twirl) no doubt due to some value add cruft running in the background and the touchpad has twice stopped responding to finger input necessitating a windows reboot. ... More

how to stop working for two years

Knowing how to fix a ceiling light which has stopped working will save money spent on repairs and give the homeowner a sense of satisfaction. The main thing she needs to remember is to turn the electricity off before disconnecting the light fixture. ... More

how to set up company email on outlook 2013

Once you are ready to set up your email signature, open Outlook. From the menu bar, select File and click on Options. From the menu bar, select File and click on Options. Step 2: ... More

how to use vicks vaporizer for cough

The Vicks warm steam vaporizer will last 12-14 hours meaning continued use right through the night and the safety shut-off means it’ll automatically shut down when the water gets too low for real peace of mind! ... More

how to set up amex apple pay

You can add up to eight cards in a device and this same card can be set up for use in nine devices, including your Apple Watch with the latest WatchOS as well as iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro with ... More

how to write a hungarian accent

Note the upside-down question mark at the beginning of each question... can you write it? How to pronounce Spanish question words Here are some of the most basic Spanish question words to … ... More

how to speak fijian youtube

Learn Fijian Online. There will be more Fijian resources and useful info to come. Please check back! Other languages ... More

how to stop bleeding finger tip cut off

I sliced off a chunk on the side of my thumb with a mandoline one evening and I wrapped it with gauze to stop the bleeding. The next morning I went to clean it and … ... More

how to use medela breast pump in style

The Skinny on the Pump In Style Medela Pump In Style Advanced Medela is a well-known manufacturer of breastfeeding and post-natal care products. The brand is based in Switzerland, but has expanded to many other parts of the globe. ... More

when converting videos on vlc how to show the timer

8/01/2016 · How to Export Image Files from a Video File using VLC. These instructions will allow you to convert frames from a video into image files, using VLC Media Player. For those looking to prove picture quality in a video or those just needing... ... More

how to send bless online to friend

life may send, if we travel the pathway together and walk side by side with a friend. Isn't it fun, isn't it extraordinaire - friends are found most everywhere. ... More

how to use adblock for android no root

Heres a simple tutorial which will guide you on How to Block all ads in Youtube app on Android skippable as well as non-skippable without Root! Tutorial to Block All Youtube App Ads in Android Phones & Tablets (Without Root) ... More

how to stop foot cramps at night

... More

how to use sore throat spray

4/12/2017 Sore Throat Warning: Severe or persistent sore throat or sore throat accompanied by high fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting may be serious. Consult doctor promptly. Do not use more than 2 days or administer to children under 3 years of age unless directed by a doctor. ... More

how to stop dog your puppy scratching me

This is useful for a puppy but it becomes a problem when the puppy grows up into an adult dog who can damage the door by scratching on it. The dog needs to learn a new method to let you know he needs to go outside. You can solve this problem by hanging a small bell by your door and teaching your dog to hit the bell with his paw or nose instead of scratching on the door when he needs to go ... More

how to make a phone stand out of paper clips

Otto @ Paper Clips 4 Pack These Otto Paper Clips are a stylish way to keep your desk tidy and organised. These paper clips have a stylish @ design making them a great way to add some personality to your documents. ... More

how to use a moonshine still

30/09/2013 Moonshine brings to mind images of rednecks tramping through the Appalachian backwoods, making white lightning in illegal copper stills. During the grim years of American prohibition, millions of gallons of hooch were sold, the demand greatly outstripping the supply. ... More

how to tell what pictures someone looks at your instagram

NO, currently Instagram does not let users see how many times a follower or user has viewed an Instagram story. So, go hog wild, play it on repeat and make a remix before the 24 hours are up. You're in the clear to watch any Instagram story as many times as you like and not get caught. ... More

how to use gatsby moving lock spray

STEP 3: LOCK. Remove tape from edge, and place rug as desired on clean surface. Apply pressure to lock the rug into place. If backing loses grip over time, simply wipe with … ... More

how to write a love song for your crush

Are you in LOVE or LUST with your crush? 11 Comments. You want to know if you love your crush, flirt to much with them, really fancy them or if your in lust. You need to know not just want to know your despret and your getting my drift. by the end of the quiz you will know. the answers to all your questions. Hopefully you will find what you have been looking for and know if your a big flirt.We ... More

how to use track my phone

13/10/2018 · In this Article: Tracking a Lost iPhone Tracking a Lost Android Tracking a Lost Samsung Tracking Someone Else’s Phone Community Q&A. This wikiHow teaches you how to use your iPhone's or Android's GPS to locate a lost phone, as well as how to track a cellphone using … ... More

how to use indent feature solidworks

The indent feature creates an offset pocket or protrusion feature on a target body that exactly matches the contour of a selected tool body, using thickness and clearance values to create the feature. ... More

how to make best man stand out

Use these ten tips and youll see how easy it can be to connect with a man and make him desire you. Men are visual, and women know this better than anything else. When youre out with the man you like, dress your best. If you see him grinning widely or taking discreet glances at your attire, you know youve hit the nail. But dressing attractively doesnt just stop working its magic ... More

how to use samba file sharing

Connect to samba share from windows 10. Ask Question 2. I am having difficulties to connect to a samba share from Windows10. The samba-share is located on a Ubuntu server 16.04. I did some reading on the internet and did configure the share but can't connect from windows10. Hopefully someone can help me I'm a bit desperate right now... Accessing the server from windows file explorer … ... More

how to tell if plaster has asbestos

The truth about asbestos in plaster. Myth:"Any plaster made before 1981 contains asbestos" Although the use of asbestos dates back for centuries,United States Gypsum, the largest manufacturer of plaster, did not use asbestos in it's materials until the 1920's. The before 1981 rule may refer to lead paint, but not asbestos in plaster. Probably the most hazardous use of asbestos in plaster was ... More

how to sell worldmark credits

23/08/2012 · Be wary of the conditions prior to you trying to sell a worldmark. The same as any seller, you need to compete with prices of Worldmark timeshare comparable to the thing you are selling. Selling timeshare property with a fair cost is regularly ideal for a fast conclusion. ... More

how to take out holden vz 2007 executive radiator

bonnet strut left/right . brand new pair of bonnet struts to suit holden commodore vt-vz (09/1997-09/2007) ... More

how to use testdisk to recover files

20/03/2011 Both free programs run in a DOS box or from a command line and test, report on, fix common disk boot problems, and recover files from damaged ... More

how to sell house interim order

In order to restrain a party from selling the assets it is necessary to obtain an injunction. An injunction is an order made by the court restraining a party from doing some act. They can be made to cover a specific period of time only or indefinitely. Injunctions made by the Family Court are not usually permanent and normally the court will make an injunction in an attempt to preserve issue ... More

how to write program in perl

Before I begin, remember that a CGI script does not have to be written in Perl, but the ease and convenience of handling strings makes Perl a very comfortable choice. Because this book is about Perl, it won't take a wild guess to figure out which language I cover in this chapter. However, you certainly can write CGI scripts in any language you like-tcl/Tk, C, C++, or (gasp) even in Assembler. ... More

how to travel from taipei to jiufen

11/06/2018 · Answer 1 of 9: Hi, First time in Taiwan here and we will have a DIY travel in July 2018 and we would like to know if this place is good for a day tour as DIY. Which way is better according to their transportation and which sunset should we stay Jiufen or Shifen... ... More

how to use splat hair chalk

9/04/2012 For the best answers, search on this site you dont have to buy hair chalk, any chalk works itll was out easily unless you have light/blond hair, then itll take a few washes chalk dries out you hair, so mosterize your hair well before and after and dont use the calk to often, otherwise it wont damage your hair ... More

how to stop being pissed off

15 Simple Ways to Overcome Anger . By Tina Su Published in clarity, happiness. Tweet; Photo In the same way that being around negative people can affect you in a negative way, being around happy and optimistic people can raise our awareness, and help us move out of the un-resourceful state. 7. Gratitude Exercise. Find an uninterrupted space, and bring a notepad and pen with you. List out ... More

how to use an empisal overlocker

Here you will find questions & answers for Empisal Sewing Machine Spares:Repairs. All questions are checked and confirmed by our administrator. ... More

how to use chroma key in manycam

18/08/2011 · Use Manycam FREE in the VIPKID How to setup a green screen using CamTwist for Google Hangouts or Skype - Duration: 12:50. Randy Brown 27,749 views. 12:50. Mac Tip (How to Chroma Key Pictures ... More

how to use video chat in discord

Among gamers, the hip way to chat with friends is not via Skype, Slack or TeamSpeak, but Discord, a relatively new messaging app that's starting to surge in popularity — it recently announced a ... More

how to use minwax polycrylic

Re: Minwax Polycrylic I use the Varathane brand of water based finish, as it offers an interior and exterior mix. The difference between the two is that exterior has a UV inhibitor and is more pliable than the interior as it is exposed to temperature difference and will "stretch' which eliminates cracking. ... More

how to search lost iphone

For missing iOS devices, Find My iPhone also includes Lost Mode. Lost Mode locks your device with a passcode and can display a custom message and contact phone number right on the Lock Screen. While in Lost Mode, your device can keep track of where it has been and report back so you can view its recent location history, right from the Find My iPhone app. ... More

how to show enthusiasm in writing

guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and maybe even a song in your heart: show some enthusiasm! You ask, what am I supposed to get enthusiastic about? Anything! ... More

how to stop direct debit payments commonwealth bank

31/12/2011 · I work for one of the other banks, but ione thing that may work asking the bank to place a full debit restriction on your account. However this would stop everyone (including yourself) from debiting your accounts via eftpos/atm/direct debit/internet and telephone banking. ... More

how to tell if you have had a seizure

Honestly, I don't most of the time. I used to have grand mals and complex partials. For those I would know because I'd get sore muscles. Today with a better medication mix and the RNS/NeruoPace implant I don't have the severe seizures anymore and I just don't know. ... More

how to tell if your pc has dx11

DX11 was available starting on on Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP 2. DX12 is available starting on Windows 10 only. Solid Tip: If you came here looking for DirectX 12 on a Fermi-based Nvidia card, I have … ... More

how to see whats running in background on pc

A PC may be super slow and a user is desperately trying to find out the cause and after 30 min sees win update restart prompt and the cause is now clear. (it was not antivirus). (it was not antivirus). ... More

how to study different religions

3/08/2015 · Religious knowledge--knowledge about religions and religious cultures--is a powerful resource to use throughout the rest of your life. Let's face it: religion is one of the most powerful social ... More

how to use otg cable

how to make otg cable with external power connector Inquiry >> If you are interested in how to make otg cable with external power connector ,Please Feel free to give your inquiry in the form or the email below .We will reply you in 24 hours. ... More

how to start a company in usa from india

Yes you can start a company in India and you can do so from sitting in USA, except where you are required to be in person for some legal formalities. ... More

how to wear long shorts

13 Ways to Wear Long Shorts and Still Look Stylish Transform an old pair of skinny jeans into knee-length shorts that are on the tighter side. Balance the fit with an oversize button-down and flats to create a chic weekend look ... More

how to stop yourself from relapsing

9/05/2018 · If you find yourself thinking about the “good old days” of using and thinking about how good it would feel to use heroin or another opiate again, stop yourself and … ... More

how to train my german shepherd to protect me

If you are looking great family dog so the German shepherd is the best choice for you because its a great guard dog to protect your family. If you are thinking of adopting a dog for your family, then the Garman shepherd is a good dog. This is one of the best reasons to adopt a dog. This is a healthy dog that is right for your family and children. Its a ... More

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how to complete support item quests

The quest was originally bugged, it seems the recent update patched it up, I can complete the quest now, but the other quests I completed was reset and I can't do most of the quest again :( #12 Errickfoxy

how to tell if you have asbestos ceiling tiles

How To Tell If Ceiling Tiles Contain Asbestos is one of our gallery to make your inspiration more wide. Here we are providing a lot of image gallery help you in reaching perfect ideas to your decor project.

how to see the history of greyhounds in first race

The speed of a Greyhound around the track averages out to be about 40 mph, with the fastest speed being attained at the beginning of the race at about 50 mph!

how to use etude house eyebrow tint

This product was sent to me from Etude House via the Pink Bird program. Background. 2 g of product Comes in 4 colors Natural brown Dark brown Reddish brown

how to set up a freelance business australia

25/08/2018 · Next, you’ll need to set up an Australian Business Number (ABN) which you can do via the Australian Business Register (ABR). You’ll also need …

how to set gym goals

Not only is it a great time to start thinking about your autumn resolutions and set goals for your business’ future, but we have some great advice for achieving some of the most popular goals for gym owners.

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Northern Ireland: Belfast NIR, Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 8H5

Scotland: Hamilton SCO, Dundee SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Dundee SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 6B3

Wales: Cardiff WAL, Newport WAL, Cardiff WAL, Cardiff WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 5D9